Our “Beliefs” (Philosophy)

The two founders of Impet have come to Dynamics NAV from completely different directions and they both think that it is a wonderful business tool, if properly deployed.

One of our customers says “the great thing about Navision is its flexibility”. He then quickly adds “the bad thing about Navision is its flexibility”. We have been around for long enough to help deliver a Dynamics NAV system which takes advantage of the great features whilst avoiding the traps and pitfalls of an over-developed or poorly configured system.

The founders of Impet see themselves as partners in a company that provides impartial advice on getting the best out of your system. Give us a call and we’d be delighted to undertake a free half day consultation at your site, followed up with a feasibility study which sets out how the costs of using us will be outweighed by the benefits of delivered and measurable improvements to your system.